Baby Chrysanthemum

Baby Chrysanthemum

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Comprising only the young buds of chrysanthemum flowers,  this natural coolant is great for relaxation and releasing stress. Best known for its effectiveness in treating skin problems and boosting immunity, a cup of this golden brown infusion postpones the aging process, lowers bad cholesterol and prevents high blood pressure.

Chrysanthemum Tea is excellent in treating sore throats and sunstrokes. It is caffeine-free brew is enjoyed by adults and children alike.

Baby Chrysanthemum buds boast a sweeter and more concentrated taste as compared to the common chrysanthemum. No boiling is required and a simple infusion will release its beautiful flavor.

Eye Health

It is a lesser known fact that chrysanthemum tea is a treat for the eyes. Effective against acute infections of the eyes, such as acute conjunctivitis. It also treats blurred vision, dry eyes and a tired eyes. Chrysanthemum tea also improves sight acuity for those who have poor vision.

Alleviate Heat Rash

Chrysanthemum tea is an effective treatment for heat rash. Heat rash is an outward sign of an internal temperature imbalance. A cooling herbal tea that includes 2 tbsp. of chrysanthemum flowers and 1 tbsp. of peppermint leaves in 3 cups of boiling water will alleviate the heat rash symptoms. The tea should be steeped for 20 minutes, then strained and cooled until tepid. The tea should then be consumed once every few hours until the rash subsides.

Alleviate Cold Symptoms

Chrysanthemum tea is helpful for treating "hot" colds, which are generally accompanied by fever and swollen glands. For best results, one should consume the tea every two hours



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