"Tea Dripping Boobies" Tea Pet

"Tea Dripping Boobies" Tea Pet
"Tea Dripping Boobies" Tea Pet "Tea Dripping Boobies" Tea Pet "Tea Dripping Boobies" Tea Pet
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This is our exclusive "Tea Dripping Boobies" Tea Pet, which became internationally famous from our recent Tastemade video. It is a quite the conversation piece and would be the perfect gift for that quirky tea drinking friend of yours! People have been asking what exactly is this voluptuous tea lactating piece, and what do you do with it, besides staring at its bountiful glory? 

Well, this my friend is a tea pet! Yep...it's a tea pet! You're like, what's a tea pet, and do I need to feed them tea? Tea pets are various types of figurines that you might put on your tea tasting table, or tea tray. They come in all shapes and sizes, and usually more like dragons, tigers, or some other type of ancient mythical animal. Some of them turn color when you pour hot water over them, and although we don't carry it, there is a male version of this where the tea comes out of.....we'll leave that to your imagination! 

Don't be confused by thinking that this is a teapot, because it really isn't. It's more like a tea decanting filter, but really the main of point of it is to amaze your friends and give them a good laugh during your tea tasting sessions!


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