Raw (Sheng) Meng Hai Loose Pu Erh 2000

Raw (Sheng) Meng Hai Loose Pu Erh 2000

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2000 Raw (Dry Storage)This was one of our first loose Raw Pu Erhs that we bought for our store, back when we first opened our doors in 2005. Back then, we remembered that the tea was very astringent and bitter, but we quickly knew the potential that this baby had if we were to store and age it nicely.

Fast forward to the present, the bitterness and astringent flavors are now tamed and have been replaced by a beautiful and complex aftertaste, with notes of dried plums, earth and metal, followed with a long and lingering aftertaste, which is usually the calling card of a nicely aged Raw Pu Erh.

Origin : Yunnan, China

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