2018 Li Shan Supreme High Mountain Oolong

2018 Li Shan Supreme High Mountain Oolong

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2018's Li Shan Supreme High Mountain Oolong can be simply described with a few words, juicy and succulent! Being directly imported from farm to cup, and grown at the altitude of 6,500 feet, the leaves are deep and vibrant, with the complex fresh aromas of sweet peaches and sugar snap peas. 
Li Shan is the third highest mountain in Taiwan, and is internationally known for their remarkable teas! This tea can take a steeping and will not get overly bitter or astringent, even if over-brewed. It's like reading a profound novel, with each steeping being an unique chapter, starting from the strong succulent and juicy tea broth and aromas. Then it gently turns into a creamy, buttery broth, and finishes off with a sweet and sugary ending! 
Origin: Li Shan, Ho Ping Township, Taichung County, Taiwan

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