2018 Wu Yi Dragon Qu Hao

2018 Wu Yi Dragon Qu Hao

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Come check out our newly harvested 2018 Wu Yi Dragon Qu Hao Green Tea! Wu Yi Qu Hao is one of the most famous green teas produced from Wu Yi mountain. Usually when you think of Wu Yi teas, the usual suspects like Big Red Robe Oolong or Jin Jun Mei black teas might come into mind, but long before these famous classics, Wu Yi was actually famous for their green teas! "Qu Hao", which in this context, the word "Qu" means twisty or crooked, describes the twisty looking leaves of this tea. The flavor of this bold green tea is similar to certain Japanese green teas, but the flavors are much bolder and intense, and it also has a long and complex aftertaste! 

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