2017 Anji Bai Cha (4oz)

2017 Anji Bai Cha (4oz)
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This rare and unique green tea cultivar discovered in 1982, is produced in Anji County, which in the Zhenjiang Province of China. In Chinese, it is called "Bai Cha", which means white tea, but it is a true green tea, made with very young and tender, newly picked baby leaves, which gives off a pale white color when it is brewed. However, the dried tea leaves are bright green, resembling the bright and vibrant colors of fresh grass. 

The flavor tastes like vegetable soup broth, and has a very savory asparagus and citrus flavor, followed with a clean aftertaste. It is currently known as the green tea for "tea geeks", since it is so beautiful to look at and because it has an amazing rich broth-like flavor. 

Origin: Anji County, Zhenjiang Province, China

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