2019 "Under The Table" Fall Harvest Iron Goddess Ultimate Tie Guan Yin *Sour Fragrance*

2019 "Under The Table" Fall Harvest Iron Goddess Ultimate Tie Guan Yin *Sour Fragrance*

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This year's 2019 "Under The Table" Iron Goddess Ultimate Tie Guan Yin *Sour Fragrance*, (what a long name!) is definitely "THE TEA" that all our loyal tea fans were waiting for! For starters, you know for a fact that our Iron Goddess Tie Guan Yin teas simply rock and blow away the competition! It's what we specialize in and what we personally drink daily! As a matter fact, we travel and source directly from the farm to your cup to bring back the best Tie Guan Yins from Anxi, China. I mean just check out that Iron Goddess video we did back in 2009! Because of this serious dedication, you're going to notice the freshness of this tea right off the bat! You're going to notice that deep vibrant, sexy green jade color of this tea, both dry and wet leaves! You're going to notice that intoxicating aroma, that full bodied rich tea broth, and that amazingly smooth yet fragrant aftertaste, which is simply just divine. Yes, we're using the word divine to describe this tea. 

This is our best of the best *Sour Fragrance* Tie Guan Yin, which means that this particular style of Tie Guan Yin was left to ferment for an additional 2-3 days, in order to deplete the moisture and water from the tea leaves, before it finally goes through the final roasting process, which as a result, creates a highly unique and amazingly "sour" like fragrance, or a better word of choice than "sour" would be "zesty' or even "bright citrus". 

The initial aroma is deeply fresh, grassy, bright, and vegetal, like the smell of fresh spinach, followed with the strong fragrant aroma of lilacs, gardenias, and finally you smell that sour and zesty aroma of sour cream potatoes. Yes, we actually think it smells like sour cream potatoes! 

The broth is complex, full bodied, especially for such a green looking Oolong tea, and has a deep fragrant and zesty bright taste, followed with a clean and lingering finish. 

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