Acanthopanax Siberian Ginseng Tea

Acanthopanax Siberian Ginseng Tea

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Wild acanthopanax tea produced from primitive area of Changbaishan. It is a pure green original health care product, and is suitable for various peoples. It is the superior natural drink to present to relatives and friends.

Wild acanthopanax tea is regarded as top grade medicine. Top grade means innocuity for long-term drinking. A famous saying goes that “I prefer a hand of acanthopanax rather than a car full of treasures”.

Besides, on the aspect of geriatric disease, it can dilate blood vessels, increase coronary flow, and also has effects to angina pectoris, hyperlipemia, cerebral thrombus, hypertension and hypotension. It can strengthen non-specific defense capability and resistance to adverse factor, such as cold, scorching hot, excess weight, etc.



  1. Prolong life, anti-aging;
  2. Strengthen brain, hypnotize;
  3. Add bone marrow, improve hematopoiesis, improve white blood cells;
  4. Balance blood pressure, soften blood vessels, clear cholesterol and peroxide lipid;
  5. Nourish yin, tonify kidney, balance yin and yang, regulate female endocrine disorder;
  6. Resist cold and heat, nourish lung, strengthen body, improve breath, prevent colds;
  7. Resist myocardial ischemia, arrhythmia and radiation, improve abnormal electrocardiogram;
  8. Strengthen spleen and kidney, balance nutrition, relieve fatigue, enhance sexual function and immune system;

Shelf life: 18 months


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