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2015 Spring Harvest Yellow Gold "Huang Jin Gui" Oolong (8oz)
Huang Jin Gui originated in the Anxi region (Fujian province). Its leaves come from a variety of ..
$60.00 $30.00
Blueberry Bancha Green Tea (8oz)
Blueberry Bancha Green Tea! Organic Bancha blended with Organic dried blueberries. It has the per..
$44.00 $22.00
Grape Jade Oolong (8oz)
Grape Jade Oolong! This is a very tasty and delicious Formosa Jade Oolong perfectly scented with ..
$44.00 $22.00
Sweet and Fruity White Tea (8oz)
Scented with natural strawberry flavoring, and blended with marigold, rose petals, passionflowe..
$54.00 $22.00
Sweet Osmanthus Black Tea (8oz)
This is our very own special house blended Sweet Osmanthus Black Tea! We used a very smooth Keemu..
$54.00 $27.00
Peach Mo Mo White Tea (8oz)
Flavored with Japanese Peaches and blended with beautiful marigold flowers, it has an amazingly f..
$54.00 $22.00
Champagne White Tea (8oz)
Scented with the soft, sweet, and fruity flavors of Champagne. The aftertaste is clean and smoo..
$44.00 $22.00
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