2015 Spring Harvest Yellow Gold "Huang Jin Gui" Oolong (8oz)

2015 Spring Harvest Yellow Gold "Huang Jin Gui" Oolong (8oz)
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Huang Jin Gui originated in the Anxi region (Fujian province). Its leaves come from a variety of tea bush called Huang Dan (Golden Dawn) and are manufactured according to the same process as Tie Guan Yin. Intermediate oxidised like the latter, Huang Jin Gui develops similar scents – intensely floral, often with very buttery notes. This ancient tea was first produced during the Qing dynasty and has been rediscovered in recent years, particularly since trade in the Tie Guan Yin harvests has become subject to considerable speculation. Its name reflects both the scent of the osmanthus flower produced by the leaves and the golden, limpid colour of its liquor.

This tea has a fresh, lively and very fruity finish in the mouth, and a divine aromatic complexity! The generous, harmonious notes of butter, milk, flowers and fruit are sustained by a delicious smooth texture.


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